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Beauty isn't generated by what you wear or by the makeup that conceals your “imperfections.”  Beauty is a state of being, the cause to the effects of radiating happiness and lightness from your soul out into the external world. Those imperfections are the beauty that allow you to be unique.


The natural world aids us in finding our true purpose. As we traverse this incredible planet, we continue to learn from many cultures of the magic found in plants. We find rituals that guide us in the development of our craft. It is our mission to use these elements to perfect our line of skin care.


All of our products are ethically sourced. We give back to nature just as it too provides us with the tools to create remarkable products with its bountiful resources. Inspired by ancient remedies and guided by a strong intuitive energy, Massiell strives to create products that restore, heal and nourish not just your skin but your soul. Our products are created in small batches, ensuring that every drop is poured not just with care but with love and the power of positive intention. 


Whether you are in search of; Natural Skin Care Oils to aid damaged skin and maintain that suppleness we all yearn for, Elixirs to revitalize and regenerate years of tarnish, or seek to recharge your body with one of our many Body Treatments, Massiell fashions all of its products and treatments to meet the unique needs of every individual. By focusing on the root causes of imbalances and utilizing a holistic approach to skin and body care, our promise is to aid you in finding your sacred natural glow.


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