"I love beauty and people which means I have a lot of fun customizing products to suit personalities. After graduating high school, I couldn’t wait to pursue my true passions. I joined the Yorkville School of Make Up and Esthetics to earn my diploma and certification. I then packed up my bags and left Toronto’s daily grind for the turquoise tides and palm trees of Florida. I networked with members of various communities and developed an interest for holistic healing methods and Ayurveda, eventually returning to school for massage therapy and skin care.

I’ve moved around enough to know that skin is important to all of us. It’s the one thing we always wear and gives clues into our quality of health.  Whether we’re in a busy, traffic-congested concrete jungle like Toronto or under the scorching hot rays of party centrals like South Beach or Miami, we all need some deep rejuvenation and protection as the years carry on.

So here I am, Toronto’s only one-woman skin care factory, forever conjuring up the best formulas for masks, bath salts, scrubs, balms, and oil elixirs that are perfect for YOU!"

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